Brazilian President Lula da Silva calls for "outrage" against global inequality at UNGA 2023

Sep 19, 2023

New York [US], September 19 : Brazil’s left-wing president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, while delivering the first country address at the United Nations General Assembly 2023 called for "outrage" against global inequality amid war, climate change, debt, energy and food crises, poverty and famine, Al Jazeera reported.
“Inequalities need to inspire outrage – outrage over hunger, poverty, war and disrespect for human beings. Moved by the power of outrage, we may act willingly and unwaveringly in fighting inequality and effectively transforming the world around us," said Lula.
The first day of the high-level general debate is taking place at the 78th United Nations General Assembly. Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva stresses that BRICS countries are coming together to protect their own interests and assert their independence in the face of the superpowers.
He said that “Brazil is back” adding that his country is embracing multilateralism as it pushes for a fair and sustainable future, Al Jazeera reported.
The Brazilian president also expressed concern about global income and wealth disparity, pushing for increased taxes on the wealthy.
Hailing a new push by countries in the Amazon region to protect the important rainforest, Lula da Silva said, “We want to arrive at COP28 in Dubai with a joint vision that reflects … the priorities for preserving the Amazon.”
Lula, who hosted the Amazon summit in Brazil last month, told the UNGA that his nation is returning to democracy and the international fold following the departure of his far-right predecessor Jair Bolsonaro, as reported by Al Jazeera.
“If today I returned in the honourable capacity as president of Brazil, it is thanks to the victory won by democracy in my country,” he said, adding, “Democracy ensured that we overcame hate, misinformation and oppression.”
Prior to the Brazilian President, UNGA President Dennis Francis, a diplomat from Trinidad and Tobago had addressed the summit.
He urged world leaders to use the summit's "unique and truly global platform" to address global issues. He appealed for global unity and "joint action" to improve the world's situation.
“Such a common, coordinated approach is needed now as much as at any point in our history,” Francis said, adding, “War, climate change, debt, energy and food crises, poverty and famine – these crises are directly impacting the lives and well-being of billions of people around the world.”
The 78th session of the ongoing United Nations General Assembly also saw the address of Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres.
Guterres has proposed the formation of an international agency to supervise the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and to "provide a source of information and expertise" to countries throughout the world, Al Jazeera reported.
More than 140 world leaders are meeting to discuss the pressing world issues at the 78th session of the ongoing United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York City.
US President Joe Biden is the only representative among the five permanent members of the UN Security Council who is attending the UNGA.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will attend the General Assembly for the first time since Russia launched a full-scale invasion of his nation in February 2022.