'Daytime Emmys' Associate Producer Brandon Cohen volunteers with kids with autism

Oct 17, 2020

Washington [US], October 17 : Inspired by his special educator mother, 'Daytime Emmys' Associate Producer and Talent Manager Brandon Cohen spend time and volunteer for children with autism.
Cohen, who is also a certified occupational therapist, spend time with these children by taking them to the dinner, the park and help them with their homework as well, according to Variety.
"My mother was a leading educator of special needs children for over 30 years and inspired me to become an occupational therapist," said Cohen.
He has co-produced a fundraiser for the local Los Angeles chapter of Autism Speaks, Gifting Your Spectrum.
"Over a decade ago, my client Raoul Mongilardi produced one of the first distributed and groundbreaking documentaries on the subject, 'The Changing Face of Autism.' More recently, just a few years ago in fact, we co-produced with Lisa Lew, a fundraiser for the local Los Angeles chapter of Autism Speaks, Gifting Your Spectrum," Cohen added.
He has produced a slew of other fundraisers as well, including those for Project Angel Food and Bailey House, an organisation that provides support for those with HIV, reported Variety.
"Each event is like a film in that it has a life in development, production and post-production or recap," said Cohen adding, "Producing events require patience, give and take, trouble-shooting, and a need to stay flexible with your team and talent to make the event shine, and most importantly, to keep the spotlight on the purpose of the event."
Cohen is a talent manager, working with actors, musicians and fashion model clients under the banner of his bicoastal management company BAC Talent. He has also kept a firm toehold in the world of philanthropy.

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