Farmers of Pema Gatshel district of Bhutan explore mushroom cultivation

Apr 01, 2023

Thimphu [Bhutan], April 1 : Villagers of Dechhenling Gewog in the Pema Gatshel district of Bhutan have started practicing oyster Mushroom cultivation and the business has proven to be a lucrative one, Bhutan Live reported.
Oranges and maize have been the main sources of income for the farmers of Dechhenling Gewog, and Pema Gatshel, up until this point. But, a few villagers have begun practicing the mushroom farming industry this year.
The business was started by a group of three villagers in a temporary shed on a trial basis.
"If we want to be self-sufficient, I thought that we must take up such cultivation. So, along with my two friends, we started this oyster mushroom cultivation on a trial basis," said Ugyen Thinley, a member, according to Bhutan Live.
"As I do not have qualifications, it is difficult to find a job these days. So, I thought it would be better to work with experienced people. And I decided to join this project to become self-sufficient," another member, Ngawang Chogyal said.
People from the neighbourhood have been visiting the group since they are the gewog's oyster mushroom growers.
The group has made roughly 200 to 250 ngultrum per kilogramme selling about 30 kilogrammes of mushrooms in the neighbourhood. They bring the spawns from India and the Menchu in Norbugang Gewog.