Govt should get special Girdawari done, give compensation to farmers for damaged crops: Congress MLA

Mar 19, 2023

Jhajjar (Haryana) [India], February 19 : Former Education Minister and current Congress MLA from Jhajjar, Geeta Bhukkal has demanded that the government should conduct a special Girdawari (a document, in which the patwari enters the name of the owner, cultivator, land number, area, kind of land, cultivated and non-cultivated area, source of irrigation, crop, conditions, revenue, rate of revenue, minimum twice in a year) in Jhajjar district for damage to crops caused by hailstorms and rain and to give compensation to the farmers for their crops.
While talking to ANI, Geeta Bhukkal said, "Under the leadership of Chaudhary Bhupinder Singh Hooda, the Congress will raise the issue of demanding compensation for the crops destroyed in the Assembly tomorrow."
"In about a dozen villages of Jhajjar district, farmers' crops have suffered a lot due to hailstorms. That is why the government should get a special Girdawari done to assess the loss of the ruined crops as soon as possible and announce compensation to provide relief to the farmers," she added.
Demanding relief from the government, the Congress MLA further said, "On the one hand the farmer is facing the brunt of debt and on the other hand he is also facing the brunt of nature. Hailstorm has become a celestial calamity and is lying on the crops of the farmers. Due to this, the farmers have suffered huge losses. The farmers had raised the crop by taking loans and now the ready crop has got mixed in the soil. The government should provide relief to such farmers as soon as possible."
Geeta Bhukkal has also expressed anger over the delay in starting the procurement of mustard crops in the grain markets.
She said, "The procurement of farmers' crops is starting late in the mandis. Not only this, the officers are refusing to take the crops of the farmers citing moisture in the crops."
"The farmers today are forced to commit suicide under the burden of debt. In such a situation, the government should help the farmers so that the troubled farmer can get some relief," she added.