"If I ever pass baton, I'll pass it on to him": Sylvester Stallone picks Ryan Gosling as next 'Rambo'

Feb 13, 2024

Washington DC [US], February 13 : Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone recently revealed that the ideal successor for his iconic role of John Rambo would be actor Ryan Gosling, reported Variety.
Stallone made the revelation as he appeared in a recent episode of 'The Tonight Show'.
"I met [Ryan Gosling] at a dinner," Stallone said when asked why Gosling is his top pick to play a new iteration of Rambo. "Obviously we are opposites. He's good looking. I'm not. Seriously! Could you imagine me as Ken? It doesn't work at all, "as per Variety.
"[Ryan] goes, 'I was fascinated by Rambo and I used to go to school dressed as Rambo and people would chase me away and I still didn't stop. I'd vacation as Rambo.' He just kept saying that he had a lot of affiliation with Rambo," Stallone continued. "And I thought, you know, this is interesting. If I ever pass the baton, I'll pass it on to him because he loves the character."
When pressed further about Gosling taking over the iconic action role, Stallone said, "I would say yes but I don't know if anyone would say, 'Hey, he's too good-looking to be Rambo.'"
Stallone portrayed the US Army Special Forces veteran in five films. The first 'Rambo' debuted in 1982. Stallone likely bid farewell to the franchise in 2019's 'Rambo: Last Blood.'
Gosling is already an outspoken 'Rambo' fan. He appeared on 'The Tonight Show' back in 2011 and told then-host Jay Leno that 'First Blood,' the first movie to feature Stallone as Rambo, "put a spell on" him so much that he thought he was actually Rambo.
"I even thought my face felt like Sylvester Stallone's and I put a bunch of steak knives in my Fisher-Price Houdini kit," Gosling remembered at the time. "I took it to school the next day and I threw them at all the kids at recess," reported Variety.
Meanwhile, Gosling will be next seen in the action film 'The Fall Guy' which is all set to hit the theatres on May 3.