Karnataka Assembly amends act: 60 pc of names on boards must now be in Kannada

Feb 13, 2024

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], February 13 : The Karnataka State Assembly has amended the Kannada Language Comprehensive Development Act 2022, mandating that 60 per cent of the names on boards of government-approved establishments be displayed in Kannada.
The recent amendment to the Kannada Language Comprehensive Development Act 2022 applies to a wide range of establishments, including commercial, industrial, and business undertakings, trusts, counseling centers, hospitals, laboratories, amusement centers, and hotels. All these entities, which operate with the approval and sanction of the government or local authorities, are now required to display 60 per cent of their name in Kannada on their name boards.
The amendment further stipulates that Kannada must be prominently displayed at the top of the name board. This move is aimed at promoting the use of the local language in public and private sectors.
"It is considered necessary to amend Kannada Bhasha Samagra Abhivruddhi Adhiniyama, 2022 (2023 ra Karnataka Adhiniyama 13) to appoint the Director, Directorate of Kannada and Culture as the Member and the Secretary, Kannada Development Authority to be the convener of the State Level Committee and to make a provision that the name boards of Commercial, Industrial and Business Undertakings, Trusts, Counseling Centre's, Hospitals, Laboratories, Amusement Centers and Hotels etc., functioning with the approval and sanction of the Government or Local Authorities, shall ensure that their name board displays 60% in Kannada language and Kannada shall be displayed in the upper half of the name board. Hence the Bill," as per the Karnataka State Assembly.

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