Plummeting temperatures push up power demands in Delhi to 5,104 MW

Jan 15, 2022

New Delhi [India], January 15 : Plummeting temperatures have pushed up the demand for electricity in Delhi to 5104 MW, which is close to the peak winter power demand of 5021 MW, recorded in 2021.
This season's highest power demand was recorded on January 14, 2022.
On their part, BRPL and BYPL successfully met this season's highest peak winter power demand of 2140 MW and 1114 MW in their respective areas on January 14, 2022. Last year, the peak winter power demand in BRPL and BYPL areas had reached 2091 MW and 1107 MW respectively.
In a statement BSES discoms said that they are fully geared to ensure adequate power availability for its around 46 lakh consumers during the winter months. The backbone of BSES' power-supply arrangements during the winter-months includes long-term agreements from power-plants, including Hydro and Delhi based gas fuelled generating stations.
Additionally, BSES is also receiving 440+ MW of solar power from SECI, 250 MW of wind power, 25 MW from Waste-to Energy and it is also being helped by 118 MW+ of roof-top solar power installed on roof-tops in South, West, East and Central Delhi.
Apart from these, BSES discoms are using avenues like 'Banking' 'Reserve Shutdown', 'Power Exchange' and ensuring sufficient 'Spinning Reserves' to dispose of surplus power as well as ensuring reliable power supply, as also making arrangements to get power during summer months.
BSES discoms will also be banking surplus power with other states, which need additional power during the winter months. This banked power will be available during the summer months. BRPL proposes to bank upto 452 MW with states like Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttarakhand. On its part, BYPL is expected to bank upto 200 MW with states like Meghalaya, Sikkim and Uttarakhand from whom it had taken the quantum during the summer-months.