Police arrests man from Bihar's Muzaffarpur over fake Tamil Nadu video case

Mar 19, 2023

Muzaffarpur (Bihar) [India], March 19 : Tamil Nadu Police have arrested another accused from Muzaffarpur in the Tamil Nadu video case showing alleged assault on migrant workers.
According to officials, the accused has been identified as Upendra Sahni.
Earlier, Tamil Nadu Public Sector Secretary D Jagannathan termed the news of the alleged assault on North Indian migrant labourers in the southern state as "false propaganda" to disrupt the state's relationship with Bihar.
Jagannathan also held a consultation meeting with state officials regarding the matter.
Tamil Nadu's Cyber Crime Police Station Senior Inspector A Chithradevi along with his team reached Muzaffarpur and arrested the accused on Saturday.
This is the second arrest in the fake viral video case. Earlier, Manish Kashyap was arrested by the police.
Upendra will be taken to Tamil Nadu on transit remand after being produced in the court, an official statement said.
Inspector Manoj Shah from Sadar Police Station said, "A youth named Upendra Sahni has been arrested from the Sadar police station area. He has been arrested in the video viral case of Tamil Nadu."
Talking to the media, Jagannathan had said, "Northern state workers are working in Tamil Nadu in a good state. We are providing adequate support to them on behalf of Tamil Nadu.
Highlighting the viral video of labourers from Bihar allegedly attacked in Tamil Nadu, Jagannathan said, "This false propaganda is being carried out to disrupt the relationship between the two states without citing the intelligence agency."
"Bihar government officials also met Bihar association representatives in person and sought their views. The members of the business associations, hotels and trade unions also participated in this consultation meeting and gave their opinions", he added.
Bihar State Rural Development Department Secretary IAS Balamurugan also expressed his gratitude to the Tamil Nadu government for their cooperation.
"We are grateful to the Tamil Nadu government. We also spoke to the workers working in Tamil Nadu from Bihar over the phone. Tamil Nadu government is providing full cooperation to dispel the belief that fake videos are authentic," Balamurgan said.