Rahul Gandhi must have asked Gehlot to condemn action taken by Delhi police, says Assam CM Sarma

Mar 19, 2023

New Delhi [India], March 19 : Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Sunday said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi must have asked Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to condemn the action taken by Delhi police and hence he is condemning it.
Speaking on Ashok Gehlot's statement on Delhi police demanding an answer from Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for sexual assault of women, Biswa said, "If Rahul Gandhi won't tell the name of the victims, how will they get justice? He has said that he met the militants, then he must tell the police about it. Has he not read the fundamental duty of the citizen in the Indian Constitution or CRPC? When a person has the cognizance of a crime that has taken place then it's your duty to tell the police, otherwise, you will also become the culprit."
"Ashok Gehlot is a very senior leader. He is aware of all of this. Rahul Gandhi must have called him and asked him to condemn it and hence he is saying this," he added.
On Rahul Gandhi's statement that the Hindenburg report is a financial fraud of an individual, he said, "You see, cases are going on against Rahul Gandhi. Why is he talking about others? Someone who has no accusations against him, let him speak. Why is he intervening? Whatever be the issue, Hindenburg or Soros, Supreme Court is looking after it. Why does he have to intervene?'.
We have heard his statement through the media itself. He can say that the video is not his, but I have seen his video many times, where he was giving the speech, and Pakistan citizens were with him. Why did he enact a drama and defame the country? He should apologise in Parliament, Sarma said.