3-day conference on upgradation of innovative ideas in Dental Science organised in Srinagar

Sep 26, 2022

Srinagar, Sept 26 (ANI): A 3-day conference on upgradation of innovative ideas in Dental Science is underway in Srinagar of Jammu and Kashmir on September 25. It was organised by the Jammu and Kashmir branch of Indian Dental Association. It was organised in collaboration with Government Dental College, Srinagar. The conference was conducted at the Convocation Complex of Kashmir University. The purpose of the conference was to develop dental sector with modern technologies and aware young dentists about the latest treatment facilities in dental sector. During the conference, renowned dental experts of the country as well as from Jammu and Kashmir gave lectures and Power Point Presentations regarding innovative ideas and latest research for the benefit of dental graduates and post graduates. Experts also highlighted the importance of Advanced Endodontic Treatment facilities which are beneficial for patients. For the last few years, with the help of new technologies and latest machinery, the health sector is improving at a large scale and the dental sector is also improving very well in the valley. But due to COVID disturbances, authorities could not manage to organise such types of big conferences. As things are changed, authorities organised 3-day conference to develop dental sector with modern technologies. Participants were very much satisfied and demanded that such types of conferences should continue in future.