Anger grows in Gilgit Baltistan over resource exploitation, power crisis

Nov 21, 2023

Gilgit Baltistan, 21 November, 2023: - A senior journalist from Gilgit Baltistan, Yousuf Nashad is expressing his anger against the ruling dispensation in Pakistan. People in his region are forced to live in harsh conditions as Pakistan has denied basic rights to them. Amid several atrocities carried out by the Pakistani government, the residents of Gilgit Baltistan are compelled to live under darkness. Suffering major power breakdowns for months, Gilgit Baltistan is witnessing a wave of protests against the ruling dispensation. Moreover, people are disappointed over the fact that when it comes to exploitation of resources and people, the puppet government in Gilgit Baltistan is also not behind the Islamabad dispensation. Recently the government in Gilgit Baltistan announced an increase in the subsidised wheat rate. The Islamabad- controlled government is also facing backlash for supplying low-quality wheat.