‘Blacklist Pakistan’: Exiled dissidents hold protest outside FATF HQ in Paris

Jun 21, 2021

Paris (France), June 19 (ANI): Exiled dissidents belonging to Balochistan, Tibet, Hong Kong and of the Pashtun and Uyghur communities held protest outside the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) headquarters in Paris on June 19. They urged to move Pakistan from the grey list to the blacklist and fulfill its mandate of preventing the financing and sponsoring of terror by Pakistan. Pakistani Journalist in Exile, Taha Siddiqui said, “We gathered here protested outside the FATF headquarters today with people from Balochistan, Tibet, Hong Kong, French, Chinese communities. The idea is to remind the FATF that it rules to deliver its commitment especially when it comes to blacklist Pakistan. As in Pakistan terror financing continues to operate.” Baloch Protestor said, “Pakistan should be blacklisted as it is making terror groups. They are killing people of Balochistan and different communities.”