Devotees observing arduous fasting of Swasthani in Nepal embark on “Pardes Yatra” touring temples

Feb 11, 2024

Kathmandu (Nepal), Feb 11 (ANI): In the early hours of Friday, chants of "Madhav Narayan" resonated along the Bagmati River as women adorned in maroon red outfits lined up to perform rituals, marking the commencement of their inaugural "Pardes Yatra" pilgrimage. Having journeyed 13.5 kilometers on foot as part of the arduous Swasthani Brata fasting ritual, these devout pilgrims, guided by tradition, visited revered Narayan and Shiva temples in and around Kathmandu. Throughout the month, they adhered strictly to a diet of rice, beaten rice, sugar, ghee, and other sacred foods while reciting tales from the Skandha Purana, seeking blessings from Goddess Swosthani for union or familial prosperity. Enduring illness and injury without medical assistance, they embarked on one of the toughest fasts, their unwavering dedication culminating in the immersion of offerings into the river upon the ritual's conclusion.