Moscow hosts scientific festival "Vector.Fest"

Sep 19, 2023

Moscow (Russia), Sep 19 (ANI/ TV BRICS): Experiments in open access, training - in free format. The scientific festival "Vector. Fest" was held at the Russian National Research University (MEPhI) in Moscow. The fest was attended by future entrants and potential freshmen. One can learn about resonance and other phenomena at lectures here. Some of them took place right in the open air. Together with MEPhI specialists, employees of other universities share their knowledge. For example, Stanislav Drobyshevsky, a populariser of science from Moscow State University, spoke about anthropology. The programme of the event included lectures on astronomy, physics, acquaintance with robots and quadrocopters. Special software helped those who wanted to control them to master them. Scientific games, battles, excursions to usually closed laboratories, and masterclasses are part of the entertainment program that also includes musical and dance items, as well as a performance by the university's academic male chorus. The festival was held with the support of the federal authorities. "Vector. Fest" was visited by more than 1,500 guests. The organizers plan to increase the scale of the festival. First of all, to expand the list of participating regions.