Moscow organises international Agriculture expo 2024

Feb 11, 2024

Moscow (Russia), Feb 11 (ANI/ TV BRICS): The participants of the Agros Expo 2024 in Moscow presented promising developments and complex solutions for agriculture. Together with Russian entrepreneurs, companies from more than 20 countries showcased their products for the agri market. These equipments are aimed at fulfilling demands of farms as the developers are orientated to the wishes of customers. According to representatives of Chinese firms, Russia is one of the key markets for the country and the number of joint projects is on the rise. Here the producers of vitamins and fodder also have their own kiosks to display their products. The exhibition has been taking place since 2020. One of the key highlights in the programme is the awarding of a special prize for the most popular developments and best solutions in the Russian agricultural sector. This time the competition turned out to be particularly large-scale. Filled with panel discussions and presentations, there are more than 50 items in the Agros Expo 2024. Businesses, traders, experts and visitors during these events discussed various trends in the industry. Among those discussions is the course towards sustainable development and digitalisation. Digital technology is everywhere today and it regulates irrigation, saves fuel for farmers, predicts the volume of the harvest, and helps to control pests.