Nepal asserts economic growth due to effective financial and Monetary Policies

May 15, 2024

Kathmandu (Nepal), May 15 (ANI): The Nepal Government asserts improved economic conditions resulting from the implementation of financial and monetary policies as it unveils plans and policies ahead of the fiscal budget. Reading out the plans and policies of the government, Nepali President Ram Chandra Paudel stated that economy has improved as a result of the balanced implementation of financial and monetary policies. The government led by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal through the plans and polices announced that it would take initiatives to attract more foreign investment and to unveil programs to boost the morale of the private sector. The policies and programs mention that closed industries will be opened and sick institutions will be managed as per public-private partnerships. Likewise, President Paudel said the installed electricity generation capacity has reached 3,940 MW, and 98 percent of the people have access to electricity. While reading the government document, President Paudel said the export of electricity to India and Bangladesh has been ensured. The head of state said the government’s main priorities are implementing the constitution, strengthening federalism, reforming the economy, and curbing corruption.