Preparation of Tulip Garden in full swing in Srinagar

Nov 21, 2023

Srinagar, Nov 21 (ANI): Land preparation and designing of the Tulip Garden known as ‘Siraj Bagh’ is in full swing for the next show in Srinagar. The purpose of the preparation is to make the garden suitable for the sowing season of tulip bulbs aimed to make the next show more successful and attractive for visitors. Presently, hundreds of tourists are seen busy with preparation and authorities of the Floriculture Department are monitoring the preparation cautiously for better results. They are also using a large amount of manpower along with good machinery. Notably, a number of people including gardeners, labourers, workers and contractors earn their livelihood through this preparation process. This year, after decades, Kashmir Valley received record-breaking tourists from across the world and the Tulip Garden received more than 3,60,000 tourists in the month of March and April 2023.